NORITAKE BRAIDWOOD 12 PCE DINNER SET -With set of 4 Teacups & 4 Saucers (20 piece )

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Noritake Braidwood12pce Dinner Set Plus 4 x Teacups & 4 x Saucers

Setting for 4 people – 4x 21cm Entrée Plate, 27cm Dinner Plate & 22.5 cm Soup Bowls Plus 4x Tea-Cups and 4 Saucers

Braidwood is a sumptuous formal design manufactured from fine white porcelain. It features a textured decal in sepia with a dark brown outer band and a repeating shell and scroll motif in the same tones. Each shell is topped with a jewel like accent dot of emerald green and a 22K gold trim adds an elegant final touch. A genuine classic, Braidwood combines contemporary sensibilities with a more traditional rustic feel and is ideal for all dining occasions. Designed in Japan Braidwood is Chip Resistant and Dishwasher Safe.

Quality porcelain and bone china are the strongest ceramic dinnerware materials; they are fired at the highest temperatures and are made of the strongest ingredients. So you can use your finest china as often as you wish with as much confidence, or more, as your “everyday” set of dishes. But keep this in mind about all of your dinnerware, glassware and tableware: treat them with the respect that high quality, beautifully crafted products of any kind deserve. Although very strong, porcelain and bone china are still breakable if abused.

Setting for 4 people –
Gift Box
4x  21cm Entrée Plate,
4x  27cm Dinner Plate 
4x  22.5 cm Soup Bowls
4 x Teacup Size: Cup 210ml, 
4 x Saucer  (D)15cm