Ashdene Beauty Of Horses set of 4 Mugs

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Ashdene The Beauty of Horses Collection, Set of 4 Mugs  Better Together Mug, Morning Graze Mug, Cantering Spirit Mug, In the Pasture Mug.

Created by Australian  equine Artist Kristin Hardiman, Kristen has won many art awards including Equine Art Prise, Gallipoli Art Prise, Sir John Sulman Art Prise 2012,

Kristen has a passion for equine art as well as portrait and figurative art, each artwork tells a different story of horses in their natural state habitat, a beautiful assortment of designs that speak to those with a horse loving heart.

City Mug x 4 different mugs

Gift Box

Capacity 330ml

size L 13 x W 9 X H 9 cm