Noritake Majestic White Mug Set of 4

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Noritake Majestic White Mug set of 4

Beautiful white fine china mugs with an embossed 24K gold trim and an opulent faux marble finish. Dishwasher Safe. Manufactured in our Sri Lanka-Noritake Factory.

Quality porcelain and bone china are the strongest ceramic dinnerware materials; they are fired at the highest temperatures and are made of the strongest ingredients. So you can use your finest china as often as you wish with as much confidence, or more, as your “everyday” set of dishes. But keep this in mind about all of your dinnerware, glassware and tableware: treat them with the respect that high quality, beautifully crafted products of any kind deserve. Although very strong, porcelain and bone china are still breakable if abused.

  • Some Noritake Fine China patterns incorporate delicate decorations and precious gold and platinum bands that may be harmed by repeated use of strong detergents.
  • Please avoid lemon-based detergents as this may cause pitting on the gold or platinum trim. We recommend the use of liquid-base detergent (e.g. Finish LIQUID) over powder/tablets.
  • Whether you are using the dishwasher or washing by hand, use the minimum amount of detergent necessary for cleaning and make sure your tableware is completely rinsed. An oily feeling or rainbow colored sheen generally means that detergents are still present and the harsh chemical action is continuing. Rinse well! 

Mug Size 310 ml

Set of 4 Gift Box